Vuze 5.7

Vuze can download large files using the bit torrent protocol

Vuze is a download tool that uses bit torrent, a protocol specifically designed to transfer large files without the need of storing them on an online server. Moreover, this application supports media playback and conversion as well as magnet file links.

Vuze’s interface is rather similar to those of other bit torrent clients; however, in my opinion, it’s much more attractive. Probably the best way to find contents to download is by using the program’s built-in search engine, which, besides providing links to the given contents, shows their ratings and availability. Once you start a transference, you’ll be able to monitor connection speed, availability of peers, etc.

Vuze works perfectly and downloads files as fast as your connection speed and the number of seeders allows it to. Yet, it doesn’t seem to be any faster than other similar tools. However, Vuze has some features that are not included in other applications. One of them is the possibility to transcode video files to other formats, thus avoiding compatibility issues. In addition, Vuze Remote Pairing technology allows you to control the application from other devices. Not only that, other features can also be added as plugins.

Pedro Castro
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  • It’s easy to use
  • It has a nice interface
  • It can transcode video to other formats
  • It can be controlled remotely
  • It allows searching for torrents


  • It uses external transcoders
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