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Vuze can download large files using the bit torrent protocol
Guest #14336522 — 6 years ago
Very fast and cool
Guest #9163256 — 7 years ago
Best! Awesome
Guest #9302314 — 7 years ago
Funciona mejor que el resto de programas similares que he usado. Aunque mi equipo no ha resuelto todav
Sundaram — 7 years ago
Nice torrent client
Guest — 8 years ago
very good but it demands computer's resources
PatheticCockroach — 8 years ago
much worse than Azureus...
ajho — 8 years ago
Bethrezen — 8 years ago
This torrent client is just the best. Not only can download your torrents at lightning speed (obvious lol) but access an integrated multimedia network!
faisal — 8 years ago
using too much of memory
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Vuze Leap
A BitTorrent client meant to be simpler and more lightweight than similar tools.
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Download images, files and sites.
Vuze Acceleration Tool
It is a small-size p2p software that enables fast downloads of large size files.