Vuze 4.3

Downloads and shares files or plays HD video on bit torent networks
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Vuze is not a traditional bit torrent client as it contains social and video upstream features that few others do. Additionally, you can find all the common features in a bit torrent client, like IP filtering.

It was formerly known as Azareus, and it is immediately recognized by any torrent. The improved features include: social networking, fringing, torrent channel creation and managing.

Vuze contains several sections to separate all of the features mentioned. The Getting Started section is where a general view of the user's torrents and latest media is displayed. The Library tab contains all downloaded content; the Notifications tab is where users can send or share messages.

Also there is a search bar (which primarily substitutes the task of browsing the torrents manually), as it is connected to all the major torrent search engines.

There is an option on the menu to turn the application into a more traditional client (like Utorrent). This was made for those who don't like sudden changes and prefer old ways of managing torrents.

The interface provides a general overview of the torrents and adds media playback controls. So this new visual approach and the emphasis on video search are what makes it a good choice and innovative.

Max Santillana
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  • Smaller size.
  • Classic bit torrent mode.
  • IP filtering.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Social networking.
  • Popular search engines integrated


  • Chooses automatically files for downloading
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