Vuze 3.1

Azureus Vuze 3.0 is a Java BitTorrent Client to share files using P2P
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Azureus Vuze 3.0 is a Java BitTorrent Client. It allows to share files using Peer to Peer network (P2P).
In order to install this program, you´ll need a Java Runtime Environment in your system. If you don´t have Java installed, it will be downloaded during the installation.

Azureus Vuze has a very attractive interface, but its graphics require a lot of the computers resources, slowing down the whole system, even in top notch PCs. As the program is still under development (it states that it´s a Beta), hang-ups are usual, and the program refers to a built in Wiki to solve the problems that could have caused them. For example, it has known problems with IMON, the Internet Monitor in NOD32. If IMON is active, Azureus Vuze crashes all the time. They even have a special chapter in the help file named "Azureus Disappears" that explains this problem.

Azureus Vuze 3.0 can build new torrents, download existing ones, search for any wanted files and download them, interrupt and resume download without losing downloaded parts. It supports 42 different languages.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • A very attractive interface.
  • Supports 42 languages


  • Hard on computer resources.
  • Slows down the whole system considerably.
  • Hang-ups are usual
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