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Azureus is a Java Bittorrent and multimedia-sharing application
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Azureus is a Java Bittorrent and multimedia-sharing application. There are many applications that can access .torrent files and download content off multiple peers over the Internet. Most of them are system specific; that is to say, they only work on a single operative system. Azureus was developed using Java, which makes it universal. Also, this powerful application serves as a multimedia sharing platform as well. When the users open this applications, they are greeted by a main screen with the newest content available from Vuze, which is a file sharing entertainment platform by Azureus. The content ranges from trailers, music videos, teasers, and so on. Apart from all the media that the user can download from Vuze, there are millions and millions of torrents world-wide, and this is one great application to open them. Azureus boasts advance settings that should appeal to both the novice user and the expert one. Almost everything can be configured with ease. There is a nice window that can stay always on top of your other applications that tells you exactly at what speed you are downloading and uploading, how many torrents you are downloading, and more. Since the program is written in Java, it is highly unlikely to crash or make your system unstable. The support team is constantly making improvements to the code and updates are downloaded and installed automatically.

José Fernández
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  • Stable and powerful.
  • Multi-platform.
  • Vuze is great fun.
  • Great advanced features not present in most p2p programs


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